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Helping coaches and trainers sell their programs.

Transformational Sales with Ryan Thomas

Meet Ryan

Coach and Sales Professional

In the past, I was a sex/relationship coach. During that time, I discovered that my calling wasn’t coaching. It’s helping people with their fear.


Let’s be honest.


Clients are scared.


Is this a scam?

Will it work for me?

Can I trust the coach?

What if it doesn’t work out?

Is it going to be worth the money?

Can I trust myself to follow through?


That fear stops them dead in their tracks. 


Oddly enough, no one is looking for a “program”


They’re looking for a solution to their problems.


That’s why I don’t sell “coaching programs.”


I actually don’t sell anything. 

I simply help people navigate their fears, and commit to making a change in their lives.

As a result, you get new clients who’ve happily invested in your training.

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What I Specialize In

Transformational Sales

Relationship dynamics

Power vs Force

Alleviating Anxiety

Removing Intense Emotions/Finding Clarity

“The duality of Love and Fear had been coming up for me lately and I could feel how it was holding me back in various areas of my life.

Ryan guided me through a coaching session where I tackled these two polarities. What I wasn’t expecting to come up was a traumatic event that happened to me while I was travelling alone in India 8 months prior.


Ryan’s energy was unwavering, strong and clear - he didn’t flinch. In that safe space he held - I trusted and let go.


A BIG thank you to Ryan for guiding me through this. I would not have felt safe enough to go into this as deep as I did, had it not been for the impeccable space you held for me and your strong guidance. I no longer feel fear around this event.

My heart is open and I can fully be my authentic self.” (full testimonial on testimonials page)

- Jessica Pellman

“Thank you Ryan for a great series of sessions.  I enjoyed the variety of modalities and adaptations you offered, your guidance was clear and concise. 


At first I was skeptical about meeting over zoom, but after the first session I realized that it was my preferred method for this kind of work.  Working at home allowed a comfort level that helped me to open up and communicate more freely. 


I had great results from our meetings and would recommend your services to others!"

Adam L, 35

I had a very interesting experience with Ryan. His methodology was foreign to me during our coaching call and I was a little skeptical on how much we could accomplish in simply one session. I was surprised in a good way.


He helped me through my mindset in being able to connect with women on a deeper level and helped eliminate some mental walls that were present to me since I can remember.


If someone knows they are struggling with something and are worried it might not work with Ryan, after my experience, I say just go for it. He really knows what he's doing.

- Zuri Vankevich

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