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I help you remove the unwanted emotional blocks in between you and the life you want.

Online Coaching with Ryan Thomas

Meet Ryan

Certified Accelerated Evolution Coach

My name is Ryan Thomas.


Here's a high level view of who I am, what I value, and what I offer:

  • 11 year army veteran.

  • Sex podcaster.

  • Sex and relationships.

  • Shadow work.

  • Awake not "woke"

  • Psychedelics and Integration

  • Balanced Masculine/Feminine advocate.

  • Truth and Radical Honesty.

  • Grounded Spirituality.

  • Practitioner of Power over Force.

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Communication Skills

  • Buddhism/Taoism

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What I Specialize In

Sexual Shame/



Relationship dynamics

Power vs Force

Alleviating Anxiety

Removing Intense Emotions/Finding Clarity

“The duality of Love and Fear had been coming up for me lately and I could feel how it was holding me back in various areas of my life.

Ryan guided me through a coaching session where I tackled these two polarities. What I wasn’t expecting to come up was a traumatic event that happened to me while I was travelling alone in India 8 months prior.


Ryan’s energy was unwavering, strong and clear - he didn’t flinch. In that safe space he held - I trusted and let go.


A BIG thank you to Ryan for guiding me through this. I would not have felt safe enough to go into this as deep as I did, had it not been for the impeccable space you held for me and your strong guidance. I no longer feel fear around this event.

My heart is open and I can fully be my authentic self.” (full testimonial on testimonials page)

- Jessica Pellman

“Thank you Ryan for a great series of sessions.  I enjoyed the variety of modalities and adaptations you offered, your guidance was clear and concise. 


At first I was skeptical about meeting over zoom, but after the first session I realized that it was my preferred method for this kind of work.  Working at home allowed a comfort level that helped me to open up and communicate more freely. 


I had great results from our meetings and would recommend your services to others!"

Adam L, 35

I had a very interesting experience with Ryan. His methodology was foreign to me during our coaching call and I was a little skeptical on how much we could accomplish in simply one session. I was surprised in a good way.


He helped me through my mindset in being able to connect with women on a deeper level and helped eliminate some mental walls that were present to me since I can remember.


If someone knows they are struggling with something and are worried it might not work with Ryan, after my experience, I say just go for it. He really knows what he's doing.

- Zuri Vankevich

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