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Meet Ryan

Coach and Sales Professional

“Get on the fucking bus. You are being removed from selection.” he said to me. It was Day 3 of Hell Week during selection for JTF2, an elite Canadian Special Forces unit. 


I had severe salmonella poisoning the day before selection started. Puking and diarrhea simultaneously, while trying to drive my ass to the airport for one of the hardest things I’d ever do…, and by day 3, I collapsed several times while on a run. 


Not willing to quit, the Course Officer stepped in and told me I was done.


There’s more to the story here, but I want to keep things concise. 


I wanted to join the special forces so I could go and kill the evil I saw in the world. 


But,...I actually chose not to reapply to the JTF2… 


Why? I made a choice. I could either kill the external evil I saw in the world, or, I could choose to direct my efforts to destroy the evil that resided in my own heart.


You see, I had a lot of evil in my heart. 


That evil manifested as insecurity, reactivity, sexual dysfunction, low self-esteem, guilt, and shame. 


I began coaching as a sex and relationship coach to help others do the same thing, but after a few years, it just didn’t feel like I was on the right path. I was trying to kill their evil for them. I was trying to be their savior. 


I didn’t know that coaching wasn’t about saving people from their demons. 


It was actually about giving them the tools to destroy that evil themselves.


Naturally, divine timing presented me with a new career in transformational sales.


Life is full of moments to make change in our lives. But most people get stuck in old patterns, because change is fuckin scary. 


Imagine you’re at a bridge. There you are, on one side with your current life. The other side is the solution to all your problems. But the bridge is full of your biggest fears. 


The hardest part isn’t crossing the bridge….it’s actually just the first step. 


And I discovered that my greatest fulfillment comes from helping people take their first step. 


This step comes in the form of committing to make a change in their lives by investing in the coaching they need, to create the life of their dreams. 


This is what I do. And I fuckin love it. 

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