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Image by Elia Pellegrini

An explanation of the coaching methodology

When you think of Santa Clause, and how you learned he's not real, how do you feel about it now? Unless you're still a child, you probably laugh a little thinking about how much of a shock it may have been to you.

It seems like such a small thing, but it was so big back then. And now, you never think about it. 

There's no emotional "charge" surrounding it. You feel nothing when you think the thought "Santa Clause isn't real." You feel as calm, yet as solid as you feel when you say "The sun rises in the morning and set's at night."

There's no emotion. And if there is emotion, it's peace or love.

This is called INTEGRATION.

Any indication of resentment, or frustration, or anything other than love and/or peace, means you haven't yet integrated the experience/upset/challenge/trauma etc.

We all go through our various challenges in life. If you value your emotional health, you work your way through those challenges (sometimes for years) and eventually get to a place of integration. 

The coaching methodology Accelerated Evolution, in which I am trained and certified, speeds up that process of integration.


How does it work?

They are a guided visualization/feeling process that force you to get to the core of the issue and integrate from there.


In every process, your eyes will be closed. You will also be instructed to feel the very thing you're trying to either avoid, or "fix" (integrate).


This is where courage is necessary. If you avoid the feeling or thought, or judge it, or try to push it away too soon, it will NEVER (and I mean NEVER) be fully integrated.

The processes are relatively short in duration, ranging from 15-45min. The more courage you have to lean into the discomfort, the faster and more powerful and effective the process is.

You can imagine the process to kind of be like hypnotherapy, BUT it is not hypnotherapy. It's similar in that your eyes are closed and we work with the unconscious, but it's different in it's methods.


How many are there and which ones will we use?


There are 5 that I use (but a lot more for me to learn). Depending on the challenge/trauma/upset/discomfort you're looking to resolve and free yourself from, will determine which process(es) we use together.


How do we start?


If you'd like to explore what this is like, and how it can work for you, submit an application by clicking the button below, and let's have a quick, complimentary 15 min breakthrough conversation.


It will NOT be a sales conversation. I will be answering questions, and providing clarity. From there, it is up to you to ask for support. 

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