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Solving Erectile Dysfunction like a Freakin' Warrior

There you are, a caveman. You’re wandering the savanna looking for some cavewoman tail.

20 meters away you see a gorgeous cave lady, and you get turned on. But, all of a sudden, out of the corner of your eye, you see a lion. It’s peering over the grass at you, and it’s not blinking. You can see it’s shoulder blade move upwards and it’s leg forwards, as it takes a step in your direction. It’s seriously eyeing you up for a good meal.

In this moment, the cave lady take’s off her leaf, showing you her flower, and says “ugh ugh uhhh” (“have sex with me,” but in cave speak).

You’re about to get attacked and/or eaten by a lion. Do you honestly think you’ll be able to get an erection, have sex, and still be safe?

Hell no.

Your body is going to react to the stressful situation by pumping blood and adrenaline to other parts of your body, so that you can handle that threat. Having sex and makin’ babies is the last thing on your bodies mind when it’s stressed out.

In the modern world, however, that stress doesn’t come from the threat of a lion. It’s more insidious than that, and sometimes harder to detect.

Instead, it shows up as a stressful career. It’s problems in your relationship. It’s financial turmoil. It’s anxiety about your life situation, family troubles, or even sexual performance anxiety itself. Stress shows up in many different and more complex ways now, than it ever did before.

If you’re stressed, your dick isn’t going to work. You won’t be able to get hard, because your body is full of adrenaline, and cortisol, trying to deal with the threat that you haven’t dealt with yet.

Many men assume that if their penis isn’t working, then they’re a failure as a man. They feel ashamed. They feel angry, and guilty. And those emotions add to the stress, which makes it even harder to get erect.

You are not broken

If you’re a man, and you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction, know this: You are not broken.

Use your penis as a barometer of your emotional health. (Yes, there are physical health issues too, but more often than not, erection challenges are emotional and psychological. This is especially true for men under the age of 40).

If you want your dick to start dickin again, then take a serious look at your emotional and mental health. You are not broken. You are not less of a man.

Take stock of your life, and your relationships. Evaluate your life circumstanes, like your career, finances, family, or even sexual performance activity. If you’re struggling with any of these things, those are your lion. The flaccid member is simply the symptom.

Whether taking a pill or not, I will say this again: You are not broken. You are not less of a man. You are in the middle of a fight with a lion you may not be able to see.

However long that fight lasts, don’t spend your time feeling bad about yourself or feeling down. And don’t rely solely on pills. They should be a bandaid solution, not permanent.

Instead, focus on that lion, get all the tools you need, and spear it in the throat. Your erection will come back when it knows it won’t get clawed off by a hungry predator.

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